Patty lives deep in Carmel Valley on a ranch with her husband Tom and animals where they enjoy a remote off-grid life at their ‘Hodge Podge Lodge’. Her tree-top studio overlooks the Cachagua Valley and Los Padres Forest. Their quiet, reclusive life is inspirational in her work.

Patty grew up drawing horses and pictures on her school papers, often avoiding the math or assigned homework task at hand. her mother insisted that art was not a “desirable vocation for young ladies” of the time so… teaching was chosen as her life’s profession. At the college level, Patty snuck art classes into her curriculum, receiving a BS from Florida State University and later an MS in Art Education from State University of New York.

Gaglioti taught high school art for years and later established Patricia’s Pottery studio in Monterey. Her work received awards in local juried competitions. Returning to eduction and administration, Patty earned another MS from U.S. International University San Diego and an MS in Educational Administration at San Jose State University. Retiring while she could still ‘dance around the barn’, she now devotes her time and heart into her art, riding her horses and living on the mountain.

Patty’s work is collected and displayed in Paris, France in addition to historical homes in Suffield, CT and throughout the Monterey Peninsula. She displays her paintings at the Carmel Valley Art Association, and also serves on its board.

I paint because I love to. We should do what we have a passion for. I think everyone has that creative itch, whether it’s baking a great pie or working on an old truck. We are all artists in our won fashion. That’s what makes us unique.